Selling a Boat

Discover the quickest way of selling your yacht or motor boat with our guaranteed Half Now, Half Later scheme.
List your boat for FREE - you don't pay anything unless we sell your boat for you.

boats@halfprice will help you find a buyer for your boat quickly and cost effectively. The method is quite simple. By being prepared to accept half now and half within 2 years, you attract more potential buyers. Your new buyer then takes full ownership of the boat and you save on costs normally incurred whilst waiting to find a buyer. The agreement is fully endorsed by marine law specialists, LA Marine. We work on a no sale, no fee basis and charge industry standard commission rates. If you list your boat with us, there is no obligation to accept the offer. You have nothing to lose if you do it and nothing to gain if you don't.

Enjoy the benefits:
  • Find a buyer more quickly by exposing your boat to millions of buyers across the world
  • Get half of the money for your boat now, and half in 2 years
  • Legal agreement fully endorsed by reputable, specialist marine lawyers
  • Be assured that all documents are securely held by lawyers in Escrow until the other half is paid
  • Upgrade to your next boat sooner with half of the money from your quick sale
No More...
  • mortgage/finance costs
  • annual depreciation costs
  • mooring/marina fees
  • insurance premiums
  • service and maintenance costs

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can list your boat for FREE!
Remember, if you list your boat with us, there is NO obligation to accept the offer - you just have more offers to decide from. You have nothing to lose if you do it and nothing to gain if you don't. Let boats@halfprice attract buyers globally and send them directly to you.

So how does it work?

boats@halfprice have devised a Boat Purchase Deferment Scheme which enables a boat owner to sell his/her boat to a buyer and receive 50% of the agreed price on purchase, with an agreement to pay the remaining 50% of the sale price within 2 years. Upon payment of the first 50%, the buyer receives full title to the boat (64/64ths) and agrees to fulfill his/her contractual obligations and pay the other 50% in 2 years time. The new owner is then free to enjoy his/her very own boat as he/she wishes.

The scheme protects both the buyer and seller in the Sale and Purchase Agreement and is endorsed by LA Marine lawyers, recommended as preferred lawyers by ABYA (Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents). Boat documents relating to the sale, including Bill of Sale and Builders Certificate are held by appointed lawyers in Escrow, for both yours and the buyers's safety, until the full purchase price has been paid.

When selling your boat, all you want is your broker to find the right buyer in the shortest possible time. boats@halfprice will make it easy for you to find a buyer, from start to finish. We aim to complete a smooth sale as speedily as possible, at the best possible price, so you can rest assured you are in the safe hands of an experienced, competent and efficient team. boats@halfprice will help at all stages of the negotiations and the sale, aiming for a trouble-free completion.

The founder of boats@halfprice, Mark Zapolski, has hands-on experience of buying and selling boats for over 20 years and, along with his passion for the sea, he knows the industry well. At boats@halfprice, we know that securing that sale for our clients' pre-owned boat requires knowledge, experience and the ability to negotiate.

Selling your boat is easy once you've registered, completed your boat listing agreement and sent us the photos. We will do all the rest. boats@halfprice will work hard to proactively promote your boat. We will present your boat on our website in front of millions of potential buyers across the globe. We will also advertise it on the industry owned Multiple Listing System of Yachtworld, as well as magazines and London and Southampton boat shows. boats@halfprice agents also work closely with other Yacht brokers all over the world ensuring your boat will receive maximum exposure. Back in the office, we have a dedicated team who will contact our database of suitable boat buyers to inform them of your listing. If you would like to go the extra mile on your marketing, for a small fee, boats@halfprice can produce bespoke direct mailings of your boat to potential buyers.

boats@halfprice will happily assist with sea or river trials, liaise and assist with surveyors, organise any repair work, assist with negotiations, then working closely with LA Marine/reputable marine lawyers, we will manage all the processes, paperwork and contracts involved for a smooth and secure transaction to include:

  • Holding of all title documents and all the important paperwork
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Title Transfer
  • Completion of Sale and Handover
  • Client Account holding monies for your total protection

Why sell with boats@halfprice:
  • you need a quick and easy sale
  • we are an independent brokerage
  • it's FREE to list your boat with us
  • we will work hard to proactively market your boat online and via dedicated agents globally
  • we are members of Yachtworld who contain the largest photo database of new and used boats for sale on the Internet, drawing thousands of potential buyers to their site
  • No sale, No fee basis
  • our industry standard commission rate is just 8% of the agreed sale price
  • we have a database of potential buyers waiting
  • our agents will ensure your boat is well presented with a regular valet
  • we offer accompanied viewings and sea trials/surveys
  • we work on non-exclusive brokerage terms and remember, you don't pay us ANYTHING until the sale is complete.

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