Buying a Boat

Buy your dream boat today for HALF the price...
...and get FULL ownership, then pay half later.

Discover the easy way of buying a boat.

boats@halfprice is here to help you buy the boat you want sooner than you thought. The method is quite simple. Instead of having to pay for the whole boat straight away, you pay for half and agree to pay the other half within 2 years. You take full ownership of the boat and are free to enjoy it as you wish. With our exclusive pay Half Now, Half Later scheme you can:

  • Choose from a wider range of boats you can now afford to buy
  • Forget worrying about getting finance to pay for a boat, you only need half the money to start off with
  • Enjoy FULL ownership of a boat at HALF its price - you can't get cheaper than that
  • Buy the boat you've always wanted TODAY
  • Be reassured that your secure purchase is protected by a legal partnership with either LA Marine or reputable marine lawyers in your country
  • Make your sailing dreams a reality today!

So how does it work?

boats@halfprice have devised a Boat Purchase Deferment Scheme which enables a boat owner to sell his/her boat to a buyer and receive 50% of the agreed price on purchase, with an agreement to pay the remaining 50% of the sale price within 2 years. Upon payment of the first 50%, the buyer receives full title to the boat (64/64ths) and agrees to fulfill his/her contractual obligations and pay the other 50% in 2 years time. The new owner is then free to enjoy his/her very own boat as he/she wishes.

The scheme protects both the buyer and seller in the Sale and Purchase Agreement and is endorsed by LA Marine lawyers, recommended as preferred lawyers by ABYA (Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents). Boat documents relating to the sale, including Bill of Sale and Builders Certificate are held by appointed lawyers in Escrow, for both yours and the seller's safety, until the full purchase price has been paid.

We realise how exciting it is to buy a boat and we're here to find your perfect boat at the right affordable price. From start to finish boats@halfprice, working in partnership with LA Marine/reputable marine lawyers, will ensure your successful purchase is completed smoothly and hassle-free. And you don't need to worry about our commission as that is paid for by the seller.

The founder of boats@halfprice, Mark Zapolski, has hands-on experience of buying and selling boats for over 20 years and, along with his passion for the sea, he knows the industry well. Purchasing a boat is a large investment and people who can afford yachts or motorboats know from their experience that a knowledgeable and trustworthy team is invaluable to minimise complications as much as possible.

boats@halfprice promises to listen attentively to your ideas about the boat you would like to buy, whether it's a new or pre-owned yacht or motorboat. We are a fully insured, independent broker and offer a complete buying service which includes accompanied viewings, negotiating with vendors, arranging your sea trials and surveys and providing advice on them. Even if your dream boat is being sold with another broker, we will work in partnership with them to achieve your desired result.

Working closely with LA Marine/appointed marine lawyers, boats@halfprice will manage all the processes, paperwork and contracts involved for a smooth and secure transaction to include the following:

  • Holding of all title documents and all the important paperwork
  • VAT advice
  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Title Transfer
  • Completion of Sale and Handover
  • Client account holding monies for your total protection

Then once your purchase is completed, boats@halfprice can provide help with other services to help with the running and maintenance of your boat. These can include: moorings, marina homes, charter, after sales, finance, insurance, tuition, safety, coding and transport, boat maintenance and repair, boat transport.

By offering a personal and comprehensive service that looks after all our clients' boating requirements, before and after their purchase, boats@halfprice want their satisfied customers to come back to us for all their boating needs.

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