boats@halfprice don't just work with buyers and sellers, we also work with other yacht brokers.

The boats@halfprice Boat Purchase Deferment Scheme can help your clients selling boats, as it allows sales to complete quicker giving your clients half the cash today, then half in 2 years time. For your buyers, our scheme means more expensive boats are now affordable, giving them more choice.

So how does it work?

boats@halfprice have devised a Boat Purchase Deferment Scheme which enables a boat owner to sell his boat to a buyer and receive 50% of the agreed price on purchase, with an agreement to pay the remaining 50% of the sale price within 2 years. Upon payment of the first 50%, the buyer receives full title to the boat (64/64ths) and agrees to fulfill his/her contractual obligations and pay the other 50% in 2 years time. The new owner is then free to enjoy his very own boat as he/she wishes.

The scheme protects both the buyer and seller and is endorsed by LA Marine lawyers, recommended as preferred lawyers by ABYA (Association of Brokers and Yacht Agents). All documents relating to the sale, including Bill of Sale, Certificate of Registration and Builders Certificate are held by our lawyers in Escrow, for both the seller's and buyer's safety, until the full purchase price has been paid.

Read more about our Half Now, Half Later scheme here.

Who runs the company?

Mark ZapolskiThe boats@halfprice founder, Mark Zapolski, runs the company as he has over 20 years' experience of buying and selling boats under his belt. Not to mention plenty of passion for the sea. From his first speedboat, to a Cranchi Endurance 39, then a Fairline Phantom 50 Flybridge, and now a 58ft Fairline Squadron that he sailed from Wales to Spain, it's fair to say, he's into his boats. Mark's also a proven and successful businessman. In 2000, he sold his multi-million pound flight company to Thomson Holidays. This current venture in boats sees him combine his lifelong passion with a considerable acumen.

boats@halfprice offer you a free, additional and hassle-free way of listing and advertising boats. We do the work and you just enjoy the benefits:

  • No obligation for your clients to accept offered price
  • Generate 6% commission
  • Free advertising
  • Proactively helping those clients who are struggling with mortgage payments
  • Greater exposure for your clients
  • Established partnership with LA Marine lawyers for a smooth sale
  • Improved performance of your business
  • List as many boats as you want for FREE

Half the cash now is better than none - why not give your clients this option with the added benefit of no more running costs and depreciation to worry about.

Sell more boats by getting your clients half the cash now and no more running costs or depreciation to worry about! Your clients have nothing to lose by listing their boat with us as they have NO obligation to accept the offers.

boats@halfprice will make it easy for you to advertise boats for sale to millions of potential buyers as we want to work with brokers on helping their clients find buyers for their boats on our exclusive Half Now, Half Later scheme. We work on non-exclusive brokerage terms and are open to working with yacht brokers all over the world.

boats@halfprice are ABYA trained and YachtWorld members. If you would like to start listing your boats on our site, on co-brokerage terms, or would like to discuss our scheme further by speaking directly with our Sales Manager please give us a call on: +34 951 318 119.